Terms & Conditions

Orders are only secure once payment has been received. Priority is given only to paying customers.

An enquiry followed by a quote does not mean your order is guaranteed.

Once payment has been received all Terms and Conditions are considered and regarded as understood and accepted by the customer.



Order values BELOW £50 require no deposit but payment in FULL to secure the booking.

This is transferable to another date with a minimum 14 days notice, refundable with 1 months notice.

The date for the order to be transferred to can be before or after the original booked date subject to availability.

Once transferred the balance becomes non refundable.

Orders & Payments received LESS than 1 month prior to booked date are NON refundable.

Order values ABOVE £50 require a MINIMUM deposit payment of 50% of the order total to secure the booking.

Any deposit remains refundable and transferable to another date with 1 months notice PRIOR to booked date.

e.g If your order is booked for the 1st of January your deposit is refundable up to the 1st December (previous year)

The date for the deposit to be transferred to can be before or after the original booked date subject to availability.

Any works undertaken for example model figures, sugar flowers will have their value deducted from the payments made, any remaining monies will be refunded and makes supplied to you including those unfinished if desired.

Deposits received LESS than 1 months prior are NON refundable.




The Final/any Outstanding balance is due NO LATER than 1 month PRIOR to booked date.

e.g. If your order is booked for the 1st January your balance must be paid by the 1st December.

Your payments INCLUDING deposit and balance are then NON refundable and also NON transferable after the due date.

If the balance is not paid by the due date your order is subject to cancellation.

Those who fail to respond to communications will to be refunded unless a valid circumstance can be proved.

Bake Your Day retains the right to CANCEL your booking at any time in very unusual circumstances

beyond control such as Fire, Severe Weather, Ill Health or Bereavement.  In these occurrence’s we will in the instance refund any payments taken in FULL.



Where possible I am happy to take inspiration from a design provided by another baker but will not make an exact copy.

Alterations can be made by changing colours, layout of details, style and size


It is the customer’s responsibility to read and check the quote thoroughly.

If any amendments need to be made notice must be given by the customer.

If no further alterations are requested, once full payment is received works will be undertaken as shown on the invoice.

Should alterations be requested I will endeavour to adjust the design where possible.

There may be occasion’s where alterations are not possible due to the nature of the request, the amount of notice given or payments not received in full. Where the alteration affects the cost or preparation for the original design has already been undertaken,

then your balance will be adjusted.

Your order will only be completed once full payment has been received.

Bake Your Day reserves the right to change the design at any point if circumstance beyond control may

compromise the quality and finish of the order such as melting due to weather conditions, weight of decoration that could cause damage and transit issues.

All bakes are made individually by hand, although every effort is made to ensure consistency a small amount of variation may occur.



Upon ordering, with your enquiry please advise of any special dietary requirements that need to be catered for.

Some bakes can be made egg free, gluten free ,dairy free, alcohol free or nut free.

Failure to notify Bake Your Day of any requirements during the ordering process, should an incident occur during or after contact or consumption of the product the responsibility lays with the customer.

Although every measure here is taken for products to have the allergens omitted the baked items can potentially contain them due to the ingredients produced by manufacturer or contamination at the venue which are both out of my control.



Some bakes, especially cakes may contain or be in contact with inedible but food safe items such as dowels, boards, fresh or model flowers, ribbons, flower picks, cocktail sticks, pasta supports.

Should you require fresh flowers from a florist to be used on your cake the florist should be notified of your intention to use them with food.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure these are removed by themselves, caterer or guests before consumption.

A portion cutting guide is provided upon request. Bake Your Day is not responsible if this is not followed and less portions produced.


On collection of bakes, Bake Your Day is not responsible for the order’s integrity once handled and taken away by the customer.

Customers need to ensure the vehicle is clean and tidy and loose items removed.

Non slip matting is recommended and placing the item(s) on a flat surface such as a foot well or boot of the vehicle is ideal.

Cakes are very fragile so care must be taken to keep the structure and design intact, upright and level.

When the bake has reached its location it is the customers responsibility that it is stored or displayed in a suitable, safe and ambient location.

Bakes should not be put into refrigeration unless otherwise stated.


Delivery of bakes are FREE within a 5 mile radius. Further locations are subject to a delivery charge which is stated on your quote.

Additional charges may apply if original location is changed.

It is recommended all tiered cakes are delivered and set up by Bake Your Day, every care is taken when transporting your order,

should an incident occur where a repair needs to be made I can do so with a kit I carry.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the venue supply a suitable table/location for bakes to be set up. It is recommended with cakes especially that they stay in the original location, it is the customer’s and venue's responsibility that it is stored or displayed in a suitable, safe and ambient environment.

Bakes should not be put into refrigeration unless otherwise stated. Should a customer, venue colleague or guest move the item(s)

Bake Your Day is not responsible for their integrity or any damages occurred.

After set up is complete photos are taken. Once I have left the premises Bake Your Day can not be held liable for any damages incurred.



Our bakes are done so at a time to ensure they are as fresh as possible for the date required.

I cannot guarantee the quality the product if not consumed within 3 days of receipt or with not being stored or displayed suitably.

I pride myself on baking from scratch using fresh, natural, organic and local produce where available.

Because of this they will not have an extensive shelf life such as the factory made ones seen in supermarkets which contain additives and preservatives.



If you have concerns about your order please notify upon collection, delivery or inspection within 24 hours so I have the opportunity to rectify it if possible in a reasonable time.

 All other concerns must be made in writing within 24 hours of receipt, evidence of any fault must be included.

Refunds will only be considered if the order is returned and is unsuitable for consumption or not as described in the written quote.

No refunds will be given without evidence or for change of mind.

Should you need to discuss the Terms & Conditions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A copy is available upon request.

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